Please help us to save the Chagford Library!



The Chagford Library has been running since 1937 (when it was first established as a public Reading Room attached to the Jubilee Hall), and has been passed down to the current residents of Chagford through all the economic ups-and-downs of 77 years. But now, due to council budget cuts, we risk losing this important community resource.

Friends of Chagford Library was established in May 2014 not only to protect the library from closure, but also to enable us, as a community, to come up with ways to make our library more relevant, better utilised, and more sustainable. Please join us. We need your ideas, your skills, and your help!

The photographs here are of London during the Blitz. Libraries were devastated, money was scarce, yet our grandparents and great-grandparents managed to re-build and keep the Public Library Service going. Now it’s our turn to step up.

Holland House Library in London during the Blitz, 1940.jpg

As Caitlin Moran says in her beautiful article “Why Libraries Need to Stay Open“:

“[In the place of close libraries] we will have thousands more public spaces where you are simply the money in your pocket, rather than the hunger in your heart. Kids — poor kids — will never know the fabulous, benign quirk of self-esteem of walking into ‘their’ library and thinking, ‘I have read 60 percent of the books in here. I am awesome.’ Libraries that stayed open during the Blitz will be closed by budgets.”

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