Why we love our library



“Our local, very small, but very effective library in Chagford reaches many people that other services don’t. I think in particular of some older folk that come in and get a really personal service. For many of them this will be a lifeline as we don’t have many facilities for older people in the town (unlike the larger towns in the county). In other words the library is a frontline council service here!

“In my work (for Devon County Council) I use the Library Courier Service, which is a much under-appreciated service and a massive budget saver for the Council. It saves our budget hundreds of pounds in postage over the year –- and I’m sure it does for others too. (I’m also sure that its use could be encouraged further to save more postage costs between DCC sites). If the local small libraries shut (I work in Moretonhampstead), I will no longer be able to get my packages delivered in this way and we’ll lose this budget saver — which is disastrous as we are also fighting for the survival of our department! Furthermore, I have also used this service to send ’round information as a volunteer distributing community information. It’s these forgotten extras that will also be so sadly missed when the libraries go.”

– Ruth Bint, Chagford

What do you love about the Chagford Library? Let us know! Send comments (and pictures too, if you like) to: webmaster.focl [at] google [dot] com.

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