Library Campaign News



Jeffrey Cox, Member of Parliament for Torridge and West Devon, has joined in the campaign to save Appleton Library — one of the small libraries, like Chagford’s, threatened with closure due to council budget cuts.

This Saturday, 14 June, Mr Cox will meet representatives from the Friends of Appledore Library, who have developed their own proposals for its future, including incorporating a tourist information centre and hosting a book festival in order to attract more visitors.

“The possibility of the library closing has caused a great deal of anxiety and upset,” says Mr. Cox, “but it has reinforced people’s awareness of just how important it is to the local community. It is a well used and vital resource enjoyed by a great many in the village – young and old. I hope that Devon County Council will be persuaded by the powerful arguments against closure. I have been very impressed with the constructive suggestions that the Friends of Appledore Library, and others, have made and I strongly support their campaign to keep Appledore Library open.”

More information here.

Let’s get our own MP, Mel Stride, on board the campaign to save Chagford Library.

You’ll find information on how to contact Mr. Stride by mail, email, and telephone here.

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