Mad Hatters 180

Schedule of events:

2:00: The Hall opens. Let there be cake!
3:00: Mad Hat Competition judging, Jubilee Hall. Bounce & Rhyme in the Library.
3:30 Extreme Reading Photo Competition judging, Jubilee Hall.

Come see a book of letters & drawings about the library created by Chagford school children, the results of the Extreme Reading photo competition, and displays by over a dozen community groups who have come together to support the library.

Live music:
Andy Letcher on bagpipes, to open the event
Becky Doe & Howard Gayton, on violin & guitar

Wear a “mad hat,” full fancy dress, or just come as you are!
Need a costume? We’ll have a few available on the day, both children and adult sized.

Admission, plus tea & cake, is FREE.

(Donations to the “Save Chagford Library” campaign are welcome.)

Amnesty poster

NEW LIBRARY MEMBERS: It’s easy to get a card if you live in Devon. You don’t need to bring documentation with you; just speak to Erica in the library and fill out a simple information form. Let’s get as many people signed up as possible!

RIDES OFFERED: If you know anyone who would like to attend but has difficulty with mobility due to age or infirmary, please contact us (contact info on the poster). There are volunteers willing to give rides to and from the event.


Costumes provided by the Chagford Pantomime, Jennifer Gayton, & William Todd-Jones; comestibles by the Chagford community; poster art & design by David Wyatt; and book binding (for the children’s letters & drawings) by Rima Staines.

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