On Saturday, August 30th:


  The Town Crier and his two assistants

It’s Carnival Time in Chagford, and the Friends of Chagford Library will be marching in the Carnival Parade, dressed as characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Would you like to show support for Chagford Library? Please come and join us! We have plenty of costumes, and everyone, young and old, is welcome. Pets too!

If you’d like to wear one of our costumes, contact Susan Harley via the Friends mailbox. Or if you’ve already got a costume of your own, join us pre-procession in the Chagford Primary School field, 6 to 6:15 pm. The parade starts at 6:30.

More information about Chagford Carnival can be found on the Visit Chagford website.


One thought on “On Saturday, August 30th:

  1. Marcia Staniforth

    Lovely pictures of the extreme reading competition. But, feel a bit uncomfortable with the one of the little boy posing on the railway line. Would hate to think others might imitate it perhaps.

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