More photos from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party:



Mad Hatter Tea Party photos keep trickling in from the Chagford Library community. The photo above and the next five below were taken by Carol Amos, the last three were taken by Ray Hartle. Thank you, Carol and Ray!


William Todd-Jones enthralls children with his ferret puppet.


Mad hats are everywhere.


Above, Jenny Gayton, Wendy, and Lucy Sheilds staff the ‘Friends of Chagford Library’ and ‘Ex Libras’ information tables.


Above and below, the Dormouse makes friends.



The Mad Hatter inspects the raffle cake,


Above, the Queen of Hearts: Chagford’s beloved librarian, Erica Loram.

Below, Becky Doe and Howard Gayton fill the hall with music, while the Dormouse listens to a child’s secrets.

Mouse & child 2

You’ll find the rest of the Mad Hatter Tea Party pictures here (just follow the link and scroll down the page).

And if you’ve got any good pictures of Chagford Library events to share, please email them to: friendsofchagfordlibrary [at] gmail [dot] com.

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