A reminder



The next FoCL General Meeting is tonight!

When: Tuesday, 30 September, 7:15 for 7:30 start.
Where: The Courtyard Cafe, Chagford

See the Working Group Diary page for tonight’s agenda.

We’ve also got a lot to celebrate, as many things have occurred since our last meeting:

* We’ve raised the library’s profile and membership by running two highly enjoyable events (The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Hollow Meadow) and by partipating in Chagford Carnival.

* We’ve raised money, facilitated new library memberships, and signed up many individuals and households as Friends of Chagford Library.

* We’ve built a website, put out two newsletters, and obtained an on-going library display space in the Post Office window.

* Most importantly of all: We sent the Council an extensive, well-researched response to the possibility of our library’s closure, with firm support from our Parish Council and our County Councillor, James McInnes.

To all who worked on any (or all!) of these things: Well done, everyone!

Representing Friends of Chagford Library at Chagford Carnival in August.

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