Library campaign news!



The BBC is reporting that plans to close more than half of Devon’s libraries have been shelved by the county council.

“The local authority had proposed cutting funding to 28 smaller libraries around the county to save £1.5m,” they say. “After a consultation, it said it was considering a new approach involving a pilot of 10 communities working with professionals to run the service. The buildings and staff in those areas would become part of new trusts, separate from the council. Details of which communities will be part of the pilot scheme will be revealed on Wednesday.”

This is interesting news indeed. We’re not entirely sure what all this will mean in practice, and how it will effect the Chagford and Moreton libraries specifically, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more. We’re now feeling cautiously hopeful as we wait for publication of the council’s full report.

You can read the full BBC article here.

There’s more information on the UNISON site here.

And further information on the Devon County Council site here.

(Please note that, due to this news, Unison’s plans for a anti-library-closure demonstration on Oct. 8th have been cancelled.)

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