Library Campaign Art


Bradley posters

If you’re curious about where the retro-look Library Campaign art used on this website comes from: These images are classic British government posters from World War I and World War II.

(Some of you might be old enough to remember some of the original posters!)

The messages on the posters were re-vamped for the UK’s national Library Campaign by Phil Bradley, library technology consultant and past president of CILIP (the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals). He has graciously allowed us to use the images for Chagford’s local library campaign, along with his best wishes for our campaign’s success.

You can see the entire collection of retro Library Campaign posters here.

Library campaign updates



Here’s a round-up of recent news stories related to the local and nation Library Campaign:

* Unison has just launched a new petition protesting the threatened closure of rural libraries. Go here if you’d like to sign, and please pass it on to family, friends, and neighbors.

* Ashburton Library (one of the 28 rural libraries under threat) is considering moving into the Ashburton Post Office.

* Voices for the Library has just issued a smart and reasoned response to the new Rural Libraries Report.

* Another reason we need to keep libraries open: A major international study by the OECD finds that UK graduates lack literacy skills.

* The Read On Get On campaign aims to make radical improvement in reading standards one of the central goals of politics and education in the next decade. (A note to the campaign: saving our libraries would be a good start!)