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Friends of Chagford Library is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organisation dedicated to supporting the Chagford Library, which has served the West Devon communities of Chagford, Throwleigh, Gidleigh, Murchington, and Drewsteignton since 1937.

What we are here for:

* to represent the community in matters relating to protecting, sustaining, enhancing and promoting Chagford Library

* to play our part in promoting and protecting library services countywide and nationally

* to make a difference

What we do:

* work with the Library Service and local stakeholders to represent the community’s needs and ideas to the Library Service

* find solutions to Chagford Library’s funding and resourcing needs

* bring about enhancements to the services and amenities offered at Chagford Library

* raise the profile of Chagford Library, drive up its membership and widen its usage

* join in countywide and national campaigns to promote and protect public library services

Please join us:

If you value our library, please stand up and be counted by becoming a member of FoCL — either in a support role as a Friend, or in more active role by participating in the FoCL Working Group.

Membership information here.


Vintage Childrens Books

FoCL Working Group officers*:

Susan Harley, Chair
Peter Shields & Christine Burke, Membership Secretaries
Rachel Basham, Secretarial Support
Davon Friend, Treasurer
Terri Windling, Website & PR


* Library consultation response
* Community organisation outreach
* Youth outreach
* Library promotion & PR
* Event planning

FoCL Meetings Diary here.
FoCL contact information here.

* Elected by the FoCL Working Group at the General Meeting on 2 June, 2014. Offices are held with a six month commitment. The next vote will take place at the FoCL’s January 2015 General Meeting. All Working Group members in good standing are eligible to vote, and to put their name forward for an officer position.

Art above: Librarian drawing by Norman Rockwell (1894-1978). “Vintage Books” painting by Holly Farrell Toronto, Canada (used here with permission); please visit the artist’s website to see more of her beautiful work.


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