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Membership in Friends of Chagford Library is open to everyone who supports the library and the “Save Chagford Library” campaign. You needn’t live in Chagford to be a Friend — all who support our mission are welcome!

Membership subscriptions cost £2 for individuals, £3 for families. To join, please fill out a Membership form — you can download a copy here, or pick up a printed copy at the library — and send it with your subscription fee to:

Peter Shields, Friends Membership Secretary*
Cranley House
80 The Square
Chagford, Newton Abbot
TQ13 8AE

* You can also put it through Peter’s letterbox. The house is opposite Nat West Bank.

If you value our library, please stand up and be counted — either in a support role as a Friend, or in more active role by participating in the FoCL Working Group (details below).




The Friends of Chagford Library Working Group

Would you like to volunteer your time and skills to saving Chagford Library, enhancing its offerings, and promoting its use? We’d love to have you!

Working group members must live or work in the Chagford area and support the objectives of FoCL. We aim for a group that represents the diversity of the Chagford community, brought together by our mutual commitment to saving our library.

The Working Group meets in Chagford monthly (except August), with additional meetings scheduled for sub-groups (Outreach, Event Planning, etc.), and to address specific matters as they arise.

Please contact us if you’d like to join.


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