Library campaign




* “Online feedback,” for the Devon County Council’s Library Consultation

* “Beware the Library Consultation,” advice from the Save Ealing’s Library Campaign

* “A New Chapter: Public Library Services in the 21st Century,”  The Carnegie UK Trust (pdf)

* “A short briefing on the Public Libraries & Museums Act of 1964,” CILIP (pdf)

* “Reasons for Public Libraries,” Voices for the Library

* “Volunteer-run Libraries, Pro and Con,” Public Libraries News

* “Public Lending Rights and Volunteer Libraries,” Public Libraries News

* “Resource Documents for UK Library Campaigns,” Speak Up for Libraries

* “Library manifesto for councilors standing for election,” Speak Up for Libraries

* “Unesco Public Libraries Manifesto,” the United Nations

* “Joint Open Letter to Culture Minister Ed Maizey,” FoGL

* ” Volunteers cannot continue being used as sticking plaster in the library s
,” The Women’s Institute

* “The Importance of Libraries in Rural Areas,” Age UK

* “The Social Role of the Library,” the ALA


Art: World War I poster reworked by Phil Bradley, and a shelf of children’s books.

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